id.ology.2006 (say uydee'olujee)

1. the body of doctrine, myth, and symbols of Auto-ID, including barcodes, 2-D and RFID
2. Auto-ID Philosophy
a. the science of ideas.
b. a system which derives ideas exclusively from knowledge and understanding.




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e-commerce: myth, hype or reality

A rational assessment of e-commerce in Australian healthcare

Thursday 7 September 2006
Australian Technology Park Conference Centre Sydney

Bay 8, Locomotive Workshop, Eveleigh

Presentations from id.ology.2006 can be dowloaded by clicking on the links below.

Paul Fitzmaurice, Ramsay Healthcare
Goals, plans and challenges for information management systems at Ramsay Health Care post merger with Affinity Health, and where e-commerce fits in these plans. 

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  Presentation not available

Graham Towell, Zimmer
Improving orthopaedic loan set logistics using RFID

Fraser Clayton, MEMS-ID Pty Ltd
MEMS-ID: The new kind of RFID for Healthcare

Pat Grier, Ramsay Health Care
Keynote Address: Private hospitals contribution to healthcare in Australia

Denis O'Leary, Austin Health
Consignment Stock and Loan Set ordering and replenishment at Austin Theatres using hTrak

Steve Robb, Pacific Commerce
The case for trading exchanges to deliver electronic commerce between trading partners

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