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TagSys does not have an Australian Office. The nearest office to Australia is Singapore. TagSys work with partners (distributors and systems integrators), and their products are available through their partners in Australia


TAGSYS is a designer and manufacturer of RFID systems (chips, tags, antennas and reading stations), and has been in this market for over fifteen years. TAGSYS works with an extensive partner network of OEM, VAR and System Integrators.

A key feature about the TAGSYS Reader products (specifically the TAGSYS Medio Range) is that they are a multi-protocol reader capable of reading chips from other manufacturers (other than TAGSYS) in the 13.56MHz range. The other chips read include Philips I-Code, TI Tag-it, ISO 15693 designed tags and also the new ISO 18000.

TAGSYS produces a variety of different chips and tags, to suit different applications. All chips produced and sold are in the 13.56MHz range. TAGSYS clains that this range has the best price/performance characteristics for item level tracking.

TAGSYS Chips include:

TAGSYS has two primary RFID tag designs:

TAGSYS produces two types of “universal” reader platforms that the company modifies to develop application specific readers. "Universal" means that they can read most RFID chips in the market operating at 13.56MHz. Both platforms include state of the art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology. Both platforms also allow for rapid development of new algorithms to read 13.56 MHz chips from other manufacturers. Reader types include: