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Mobile Aspects

No Australian Office. Office contact in the USA:

24 S. 18th St, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Mobile Aspects offer a range of specific solutions, using RFID technologies for healthcare applications. Some of their solutions include:

iRIS System
This system is an inventory and supply management system for medical supplies. It includes a "smart cabinet" system as a reader. Inventory is tracked into and out of the cabinet, and the staff member at the hospital that removes the item is also identified.

It is unclear whether the hospital applies their own RFID Tags to the medical devices that they purchase, or whether the system depends on the suppliers placing RFID Tags on their products. It is believed that hospital is responsible for applying their own tags, which would make the system expensive for the hospital

The system is being promoted as ideal for hogh cost procedure areas within hospitals - Cath/Labs, Radiology, and operating rooms.

Patient Tracking System
Mobile Aspects Patient Tracking System utilising low cost infrastructure and one web-based interface.

The system utilizes Mobile Aspects' active RFID tags, small enough to fit into a patient wrist band, and can house pertinent patient information such as name, procedure, blood type, allergies, etc. The tags send their ID to low cost sensors to identify their location in real time.

Mobile aspects claim that the system includes the following features:

iRIS System, Patient and Anesthesia Station automatically sense patient ID to provide further levels of safety.

Equipment Tracking System
Mobile Aspects claim that their Equipment Tracking System provides healthcare facilities with a real time system to track all portable assets and equipment as they move through the surgical suites or floors.