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Vendor Name:
Magellan Technology

65 Johnson Street, Annandale, NSW, 2038, Australia

Contact Details:
Ken Laing
VP Business Development, Sales & Marketing
Tel: (02) 9562 9800
Fax: (02) 9518 7620
Email: kenl@magtech.com.au


Magellan Technology is Sydney based Australian Company specialising in RFID Technologies. Their business is to develop RFID technologies and to sell this technology to global markets for commercial applications and products. It is important to note that Magellan does not generally supply products that they have designed and developed. Their technology is generally licenced to component and equipment manufacturers (such as Infineon) that mass produce the technology.

A key feature of Magellan is that they have a very good showroom that demonstrates the various technologies that they have developed, including their tunnel readers, wand readers, stack tags and many other applications.

A visit to Magellan is very worthwhile!


Magellan Technology is an active developer and supporter of software in all of the following areas:

Reader Embedded Operating Systems
Magellan tunnel readers use a customised version of the Linux operating system. This has been tuned to have very low memory and storage requirements to reduce hardware requirements.

The powerful networking allows this system to be customised to support virtually any protocol. It is intended that tunnel readers can be used within a LAN for ease of access and control.

Application updates can be performed via an FTP server, a standard protocol which can be used from any computer system. A telnet server allows easy remote administration of any tunnel reader.

Full source code of this system is available, so manufacturers can create customised versions to suit their development.

For those with a technical interest, the system is based on the following components:

Reader Controlling Programs
All readers are controlled by programs that provide a common interface to end user applications.

For Tunnel Reader Programmers, this program runs on the reader itself. For all other readers, it resides on a nearby PC, which controls the reader through a serial connection. These readers use a tiny, cheap micro-controller running a simple application without an operating system for low level control.

Reader Manufacturer Testing Applications
Magellan is currently working on developing a suite of software tools to aid manufacturers with testing readers and for demonstrating functionality for end users. This software provides a platform that can easily be extended to support a specific application.

All of Magellan's test software can be run on Windows, Unix and (soon) Macintosh machines.

Magellan's RFID chips are powered by a 13.56 MHz magnetic field.

The chips are available in two variants, ItemTag (IT) and StackTag (ST).
Both variants use the ISO/IEC 18000  3 Mode 2 (FDIS) protocol and are protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio.

Chips are currently manufactured at foundries in Europe and the USA.

Chips can be purchased in the following forms:

Item Tag:
The ItemTag chip (ITHF01) is designed for applications where multiple tag and orientation insensitive operation to a range of 1 metre is required.

Stack Tag:
The StackTag chip (STHF01) is designed for applications where the articles requiring identification are stacked very closely together and for a range of 0.5m.

The functionality of Stack Tags includes:

Magellan Technology markets a large rage of readers to meet different application requirements. The range of readers includes the following types: