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Vendor Name:

Level 7
200 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest NSW 2065

Curtis York, General Manager
Tel: (02) 9492 4400
Email: curtis.york@intermec.com


Intermec is one of the large companies in providing data capture technologies, including barcode scanners, mobile computers and wireless networks. They have also introduced an RFID range of products.

Intermec's range of Tags and Inserts is in the UHF bands (869MHz, 915MHz and 2450MHz bands are supported). A variety of passive and active (read and write) tags are produced. The advantage of UHF is that the read range is generally much greater than with HF, and Intermec claims that some of their Tags have a read range of more than 10ft. However, the issue with the High Frequency band is that it is subject to licencing issues with the ACA. The 915MHz band, for example, has licences taken out by the Department of Defence and Vodafone. Local licences can be taken out by companies, however, this then confines the application to a localised area.

Intermec has produced a very useful Tag selection guide to assist customers. If you would like to download the guide, click here, or visit their website.

Intermec's range of Reader products include fixed and mobile readers to suite different applications. As with their tags, they have produced a useful Reader selection guide to assist customers. If you would like to download this guide, click here, or visit their website.

Intermec markets a printer product that has RFID functionality, which allows users to print RFID labels and encode the RFID tag with data. The product brand is the Intellitag PM4i Industrial Printer.