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Vendor Name:
Alien Technology

Alien does not have an Australian Office at this stage. The corporate office is in the USA, and they also have a European office.

Corporate Office:
18220 Butterfield Blvd
Morgan Hill CA 95037
Tel: +1 408 782 3900
Fax: +1 408 782 3910
Email: info@alientechnology.com


Alien technology is one of the leading manufacturers of RFID hardware, including RFID Tags and Readers. Alien Technology runs a RFID Academy, which is also available in Australia (RFID Academy Australia), and is held at Visy Industries in Melbourne. The cost of the two day course is US$5,000. Further details about the course are provided below, or visit the Alien Technology Website.

Important note: Undertaking the RFID Academy course is a pre-requirement before you can purchase the Alien Technology Readers in Australia and New Zealand.

Alien Technology manufactures tags to the EPC Class 1 specification in the UHF band. Alien also manufactures tags in the 2450 MHz (microwave) frequency tags.

The company claims that their class 1 tags can be applied to metal and liquid environments. They produce a variety of tag designs and aerial configurations to suit a variety of applications. The tags can be produced to either 64 or 96 bit memory.

Alien also manufactures Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) Tags, which are ideally suited to applications requiring:

Alien manufactures readers that are compliant to the EPC Class 1 UHF standard. They produce a variety of readers that are suitable for a variety of installations, including shop floor, logistics and warehouse operations. They also produce readers that can be integrated into hand held computers, shelf readers etc.

Alien Technology runs the RFID Academy, and this is available in Australia through RFID Academy Australia. The course is a two-day course, and is held at Visy Industries in Melbourne. The next time that the course will be held will be February 2005. The course claims to cover the following key areas:

Course Details include:

US$5,000 inclusive of course fees US$3,000 and Australian compliant developers kit US$2,000

Visy Industries - Technical Centre
13 Reo Crescent
Campbellfield VIC 3061

Date of next course:
February 2005 (no specific date listed). They are currently taking enrolments

Bruce Grant, Australia/NZ Alien Technology Representative
0407 053 963

Further information about the course, inclusing course programme can be obtained from the RFID Academy Australia website, located at www.alientechnology.com/academy/australia/