ISO 22742 for Product Packaging Identifies HIBC as Healthcare ID

8 April 2005

PHOENIX, AZ (April 8, 2005) – The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recently
published the standard for product packaging and has incorporated the Health Industry Bar Code Supplier
Labeling Standard (HIBC SLS) for healthcare labeling. The standard, ISO 22742: Linear Bar Code and Two-
Dimensional Symbols for Product Packaging, was developed to inform industries of the product package labels
available for use in supply chain logistics functions – preceding and following transportation. This includes
processes involving picking and packing, inventory management, and point of use or consumption.

ISO 22742 defines the requirements for identifying products and their attributes using either the linear barcode
symbols, or 2-D symbologies (such as data matrix). The HIBC SLS is included as the healthcare reference in this
standard, which denotes the HIBC “+” symbol in the Product ID and the “+$” symbols for the secondary labels as
valid Data Identifiers (DI’s).

ISO is a non-governmental, worldwide federation of national standards institutes. Since its creation in 1947, ISO
has published over 13,700 International Standards. Their standards are involved in a variety of programs,
including agriculture, mechanical engineering, medical devices, information technology developments, and many

HIBCC is an industry-sponsored, non-profit standards development organization (SDO), established in 1984
by major national healthcare associations to develop and maintain information technology standards for
healthcare applications. HIBCC extends its mission globally via IHIBCC, an international network of
HIBCC offices. HIBCC and the HIBC Standards are accredited by the American National Standards Institute
(ANSI) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

Additional information regarding the HIBCC organization can be accessed from the HIBCC website at:

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