HIBCC AU Launches HIN® System in Australia

18 February 2005

Sydney , New South Wales – February 18, 2005 – HIBCC AU today announced the launching of the Health Industry Number (HIN) System for Australian Healthcare.

The HIN is a standards based universal identification number for enumerating provider establishments, and other entities in the health industry supply chain, and is physically represented as a nine-character alphanumeric string. It was first conceived to establish a common reference number for identifying health care entities in transactions between trading partners.

The HIN System in Australia is comprised of a facility database, which includes all healthcare facilities by SHIP-TO address, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. The system is available to subscriber members of HIBCC AU, and is accessed by using the iHIN system, which is available over the Internet, using a web-browser. Subscribers can download data from iHIN, into their own systems. The HIN database is constantly updated as new requests for HIN's are submitted by the subscribers of the System. HIBCC AU undertakes a thorough verification and validation process to ensure the accuracy of these requests. Once the requests are assigned, they are immediately available to all users on the iHIN website.

Subscribers to the HIN System also have access to the HIN Hierarchies tool, which allows them to create connections between facilities and their owners, so that the relationships between HIN locations are easily identified.

“HIBCC AU is delighted to be launching this service to the Australian Market, and we believe that such a system is long overdue,” said Kirk Kikirekov, President of HIBCC AU. “Hospital facilities are often large, complex organisations, with multiple locations to which supplies are delivered. The HIN system allows hospitals and suppliers to accurately track the exact locations ordering and using supplies, and ensures that goods are not delivered to the wrong address.”

"The HIN/iHIN System provides an essential logistics tool for healthcare supply chain partners globally," states Robert A. Hankin, Ph.D., President and CEO of HIBCC. "We are pleased that the Australian market will now have the opportunity to participate and leverage the benefits."

The HIN System in Australia currently includes some 2,130 hospital facility records, down to individual ship-to locations, and 130 Supplier HIN's (Primarily Medical Devices Suppliers).


Established in 1984 by leading healthcare associations, HIBCC is the primary standard-setting and educational organisation for bar coding and e-commerce initiatives in the world of healthcare. HIBCC's mission is to improve the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the healthcare industry through automated business communications.

HIBCC has global reach via a network of HIBCC offices located throughout the world. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) have accredited HIBCC standards.

HIBCC AU is the Australian Affiliate of the Health Industry Business Communications Council, and was established in March 2002 to address the growing health industry awareness for the need to become more efficient through supply chain reforms, and to support the large community of healthcare suppliers and hospitals that depend on the HIBCC Standards for their business systems and processes.

For more information, contact:
Kirk Kikirekov
(02) 9797 0883