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The Alfred Hospital
HIN: AUV018800

Pharmacy Department HIN: AUV0188F1
Operating Theatres HIN: AUV0188F2
Stores Department HIN: AUV0188F3
Radiology Department HIN: AUV0188F5

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The HIN System

The HIN System in Australia is currently comprised of the HIN® Facility Database, which includes all healthcare facilities identified by SHIP TO address, and manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

What data is kept in the HIN System?

How do you access HIN Data?

HIN Hierarchies

What data is kept in the HIN System?

The primary data elements associated with providers and establishments in the HIN database include name, physical address, city, state, post code and telephone number. All establishments are assigned a market segment. HIN records also maintain a complete audit trail of the actions taken upon the record.

How do you access HIN Data?

Periodic Distribution:

The HIN Database is distributed quarterly on CD ROM to all HIN subscribers. Each CD contains a cumulative copy of the database so when loaded will provide a complete refresh of the HIN Database.

Weekly Updates:

The changes that occur to the Database from Monday to Friday are available as weekly updates to subscribers. Updates are available as a text file download from the HIBCC Web site (www.hibcc-au.com.au, HIN System page). Subscribers can maintain a timely database between distributions by loading these weekly updates. This service is available free of charge to all subscribers, but requires registration with the HIBCC AU office.

Web Interface:

The web user interface to HIN is called iHIN. This Web-enabled database allows subscribers immediate access to HIN information, resulting in faster synchronization with a subscriber's internal system. iHIN also provides users the ability to create and download specific segments of data, customized to meet the needs of their business. Subscribers can download as many as 160,000 HIN records a year from iHIN without charge.

Subscribers can access iHIN by logging on to www.hibcchin.org or by clicking on the Access iHIN link on the HIBCC AU website. New users will be asked to create a profile by entering their e-mail address, a six character alphanumeric password and their company's account ID (provided by HIBCC AU). Multiple user profiles can be set up under one account ID, with downloads and charges being applied to that company's account. For more information or to obtain your account ID, please contact the HIBCC AU office.

HIN Hierarchies

Another important and beneficial feature of the HIN System is the HIN Hierarchies tool. Using this tool, subscribers are able to create relationships between facilities of their customers. At a glance, subscribers will be able to establish the connection between the hospitals and their owners, and to dynamically change these as the facilities change ownership, or other changes are made.

The diagram below illustrates the concept behind HIN Hierarchies.