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The Alfred Hospital
HIN: AUV018800

Pharmacy Department HIN: AUV0188F1
Operating Theatres HIN: AUV0188F2
Stores Department HIN: AUV0188F3
Radiology Department HIN: AUV0188F5

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Everyone needs an "address" on the information highway.  The HIN ® , assigned by HIBCC ® to health care provider facilities in Australia, is designed to serve that purpose.

The HIN was created as a universal identification number to be used by all trading partners when they communicate with each other via computer.  By using the HIN, each partner can rapidly match information it receives to its own customer list whenever it shares or exchanges information with others.  As a consequence, expensive and inefficient administrative cross-referencing tasks are eliminated.

As a randomly assigned, nine-character, alpha-numeric identifier, HIN is extremely flexible.  It can identify not only specific health care facilities, but also specific locations and/or departments within them.  The HIN system was designed to allow subscribers the ability to customize HIN use with their specific trading partners, while still maintaining standard formats the rest of the industry can recognize.

Your address on the Information Super Highway

In this manner, HIBCC has created a system which simultaneously imposes the necessary rigidities of a centralized standard while meeting the needs of individual users to alter components when necessary.

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