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The Alfred Hospital
HIN: AUV018800

Pharmacy Department HIN: AUV0188F1
Operating Theatres HIN: AUV0188F2
Stores Department HIN: AUV0188F3
Radiology Department HIN: AUV0188F5

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About HIN

The Health Industry Number (HIN) is a unique identifier for enumerating locations and providers of services and activities throughout the health industry. The HIN enumerates provider establishments, and other entities in the health industry supply chain, and is physically represented as a nine-character alphanumeric string.

What does the HIN do?

The HIN is intended to be a "bridge" between a company's internal account numbers and the account numbers of its trading partners. Instead of sending an internal account number for an end-customer in a business transaction, or sending textual data such as name and address, HINs provide an unambiguous means of identifying the common customers of trading partners without the hindrance of maintaining multiple cross-references.

The HIN will:

•  steamline the identification of internal customer accounts in inbound messages
•  reduce transmission costs in EDI messages
•  facilitate sales roll-up and customer account file clean-up

Why use the HIN?

The HIN was conceived to establish a common reference number for identifying health care entities in electronic transactions between trading partners.

The overall objectives of the HIN are to provide:

•  Consistency - Use the same number when referring to the same entity or organization

•  Accuracy - reduce costly shipping errors on orders, and avoid product being delivered to the wrong place. Improve reporting and sales analysis by the use of a consistent number and by the elimination of cross reference files

•  Efficiency - Reduce the amount of clerical effort needed by manufacturers to research and maintain cross-reference files

•  Timeliness - Publish new numbers and updates periodically to subscribing manufacturers, distributors and providers so that they can maintain their files on a timely basis. Reduce the look-up effort and reduce the lag time in rebate payments