Universal Product Number

The Universal Product Number (UPN®) unambiguously identifies medical/surgical products in the supply chain, thereby simplifying product distribution. Each product, at all levels of packaging, will be assigned a unique UPN, consisting of either the HIBC-LIC or UCC/EAN primary data structure.

As a Standards Development Organization, HIBCC has committed itself to developing grass-roots support for the UPN® among major medical/surgical companies and their customers. The UPN® has been endorsed by all members of HIBCC AU.

Customers will be able to communicate their needs to their Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) and trading partners without interpretation or cross-referencing. The UPN® will increase both the speed and accuracy of the medical/surgical distribution system and decrease long term operating costs.

Everyone from the manufacturer to the consumer of medical/surgical items will benefit from the industry-wide adoption of the UPN®. Customers will benefit the most. They will be able to identify and order needed items without extensive catalogue research and shopping time. They will no longer have to maintain large databases and cross references of the products they stock. They will be able to communicate their needs in a language that the entire industry can understand.

Manufacturers will realise improved visibility of their products in the marketplace. They will be assured that a customer wanting to order their specific products will be able to identify and specify those products when ordering. Distributors will save because they will not have to develop and maintain multiple cross references to track their product lines.

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UPN Repository

The UPN Repository is a master catalogue of medical/surgical products containing basic data elements such as Manufacturer Name, Item/Product Number, Description, Unit of Measure, and Quantity associated with the Unit of Measure. Its purpose is to provide a central source of information necessary for the healthcare industry to cross-reference manufacturer part numbers to Universal Product Numbers.

HIBCC AU maintains and manages the Australian UPN Repository which includes data relevant to the Australia Market. For example, medical devices listed on the Commonwealth Governments Schedule 5 for prostheses and other devices, includes the Billing Code for each part.

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