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HIBCC AU Launches HIN® System in Australia

Sydney , New South Wales – February 18, 2005 – HIBCC AU today announced the launching of the Health Industry Number (HIN) System for Australian Healthcare. The HIN is a standards based universal identification number for enumerating provider establishments, and other entities in the health industry supply chain, and is physically represented as a nine-character alphanumeric string. It was first conceived to establish a common reference number for identifying health care entities in transactions between trading partners. more

ACT Health joins HIBCC AU

ACT Health is the branch of the ACT Government responsible for providing the range of coordinated health and health care services available in the ACT. ACT Health Supply Services — a unit of ACT Health — has joined HIBCC AU, the Australian affiliate of the Health Industry Business Communications Council. more

FDA's final rule advocates HIBC Standards

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (February 27, 2004)— The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released yesterday their final rule on Bar Code Label Requirements for Human Drug Products and Biological Products. The ruling calls for the inclusion of linear bar codes on most prescription drugs and advocates the use of HIBC labeling Standards to aid in the reduction of medical error. more

The Alfred Successfully Integrates Supply Chain Using HIBCC Standards - 12 November 2003

HIBCC AU's hospital member, the Alfred Hospital recently went "live" with a barcode scanning application that integrates the care giving environment with the supply chain. more

Cook Australia Joins HIBCC AU - 28 October 2003

COOK Australia, a leading global supplier of medical devices, has joined HIBCC AU. COOK is among the world's best-known and most respected names in medical devices and supplies. Closely allied with top medical research facilities, teaching hospitals and leading specialists around the world, Cook Australia continues to provide innovative, physician-conceived, custom-crafted medical devices to health care providers. more

The Alfred Hospital Joins HIBCC AU - 5 September 2003

One of Australia's leading hospitals, The Alfred, has joined HIBCC AU as its first hospital member. The Alfred is Victoria's oldest hospital operating on its original site, and is regarded as a pacesetter in the national medical arena and has consistently been linked to progressive developments in acute care, medical research, health care teaching and information technology. more

Another Leading Global Medical Device Supplier Joins HIBCC AU - 5 August 2003

Leading supplier of Orthopaedic and surgical products, Zimmer Pty Ltd, has joined HIBCC AU. Zimmer is a key subscriber and supporter of the HIBCC standards, including the UPN Repository, a strategically important initiative of HIBCC AU for medical devices products. Michael Schaffler, the Operations Director of Zimmer said: “The UPN Repository is a cornerstone product for the management and tracking of high value surgical products from the supply and fulfilment right through to the patient”. more

HIBC Coding System Recommended for Australian Standard

The Standards Australia working group responsible for developing a product identification standard for Australian healthcare has recommended that the HIBC coding standard form an integral part of any future Australian Standard for product identification. more

6 March 2002 - HIBCC AU launches in Australia