HIBCC AU is the Australian Affiliate of the Health Industry Business Communications Council. HIBCC AU is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association providing leading Auto-ID and E-Business standards tailored to the specific needs of the health industry in Australia.

HIBCC AU was first established in March 2002 to address the growing health industry awareness for the need to become more efficient through supply chain reforms. Technology and standards are seen as the catalyst to many of these reforms.

HIBCC AU is the Australian affiliate of HIBCC in the United States of America (USA). The products and services that HIBCC AU provides to members include:

  • Uniform Barcode labelling - Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC) standards

  • UPN Repository data synchronisation service for products available to the Australian market

  • E-Business Standards for the better management of business transactions in healthcare

  • Education and training
HIBCC standards connect all participants in the health supply chain to faciliate the delivery of quality healthcare outcomes.